6 Reasons Why You Want Luxury Floral Design

Have you heard or seen the words "luxury", "premium" or "high-end" swirling around when you research or talk about weddings? Have you wondered, "What does that mean?". Have you thought "Why would I want luxury floral design for my wedding"? "Does it even matter"?

Let me give you an insider tip to start off - it definitely does matter and I'm going to tell you why!

How do you know if you want luxury floral design for your wedding

1. You love unique, romantic, can’t-find-at-a-flower-shop flowers.

Mostly all of those dreamy, romantic flowers you're seeing on Pinterest, I bet you 80% of them are catorgized as "luxury/premium" flowers. You can't find these luxury, high-end flowers at your typical flower shop. There are many reasons for that but to keep this simple it's because they're rare, expensive, speciality blooms. These beauties are meant for very special occassions AKA your wedding day!

2. You crave a one-of-a-kind wedding design!

You don't want flowers like all your other friends’ weddings! You want something unique, personable, and a floral design that feels like you! At He Loves Me Flowers we coined the phrase "true to you" floral designs and we mean it! :)

3. You want all of the florals designed with excellence, with a detail-oriented approach and executed in an elevated and aesthetically pleasing way.

Because we all know that love is in the details and DETAILS MATTER. We take that very seriously.


4. You want a personalized experience with a floral expert guiding you through your wedding planning journey!

You don't want to be stressed DIYing your own flowers (that is so not you!) and you don't want to have to spend the time (hours upon hours) researching for the prettiest wedding flowers, foliages, textures and all the things! You have your life to live. You want an experienced professional who has years in the wedding floral industry and knows flowers alongwith someone who is kind and fun to guide you through this incredibly joy-filled season!

5. You’re obsessed with the idea of a statement floral design that will WOW you, your groom, family and guests!

Yes! A statement floral design installation can be so spectacular, unique, and can really create the vibe, and photographic moment for you and your guests. Most of our clients plan for some kind of installation and they are all so memorable and 1000% worth it! Make sure you allocate funds for something special!

6. You want your guests to sense your love and appreciation for them which results in the table centerpieces (where the guests are spending most of their time at the wedding) being purposeful, intentional, and adequately decorated.

You want your guests to feel your love through the table centerpieces. This is a space that will bring great joy and delight to your family and friends as they look, smell, and feel the fresh flowers designed so seamlessly and wonderously. You can be sure that your guests will be refreshed, inspired and will be talking about your wedding flowers for months after.


Photography by Portrait Novella Floral Design by He Loves Me Flowers

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