4 Floral Notions in 2024

  1. COLOR. A lot of my brides for 2024 are dreaming of and requesting colorful floral compositions, and I couldn’t be more over the moon about it.

DSC02308 Photo by Jordan Brittley

  1. Statement floral installations. These are the pieces that make you, your groom and your guests go “WOW”. These are the backdrop that most of your family, friend and group photos will take place. This is where your unique personality, story and style can come alive. These are the floral experiences that 2024 brides are craving so that they can create a welcoming, fun, and enjoyable celebration for their guests and I’m 100% here for it.

IMG 5370 websize Photo by Clay Swanson

  1. Unique designs. My clients are wanting unique, one of a kind designs….not something their BFF had at her wedding or a bouquet that looks like all the bouquets you’ve seen on Pinterest. A true-to-you floral design is where it’s at.

Ceremony-7 Photo by Cara Bailey

  1. Intentional weddings with intentional floral design. The planning meetings I’ve had so far with my ‘24 brides have been much more thoughtful and intentional in their overall wedding design and wedding flowers. This looks different to everyone but it’s exciting to see how much love truly goes into every detail and I love that for my couples!

Ceremony-227 Photo by Cara Bailey

If you are looking for a wonderful wedding florist for your 2024 wedding, fill out our contact form! let’s work together to make some intentional, dreamy core memories for your wedding!!

Allie Rose Events Brand Shoot by Jordan Brittley-108 Photo by Jordan Brittley

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