We’re Hosting a Workshop: Oh For Fun!

March 9, 2016

I am so excited to announce that my dear friend Jordan Brittley and I are hosting a workshop this spring for the ladies in Springfield, MO! This is going to be an inspiring, joy-filled, educational and encouraging time surrounded by fresh blooms, lovely people, donuts and OJ! Our hearts are to share some basic knowledge and practical skills about floral design and phone photography that you will be able to apply and use in your everyday life! I personally feel that every woman should have a basic understanding on how to put flowers together to create a lovely centerpiece, so I’m very excited to share a little bit of what I know with you at the event! Tickets go on sale THIS Friday! There are only 15 available so if you’d like to be the first to have access to the tickets click here.  HLMF+JBPWorkshop-6


Friday can’t come soon enough, but in the meantime, we have a teaser freebee that we’re giving away called “How to Make Your Very Own Floral Crown”. I’m giving away my secrets on how I create floral crowns and it will only be available for a limited time so get it while you can! I can’t wait to see you at the workshop!



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Real Wedding: Cody & Lorna

February 23, 2016

An intimate wedding with family, friends and those dearest to their hearts, Cody and Lorna’s summer wedding was bursting with joy, love, freedom, and color. The florals were comprised of peach and pink roses, eucalyptus, ranunculus, stock, Italian ruscus, spray roses, garden roses and peonies. Everything we did floral wise for C+L’s wedding was my favorite! haha :) But seriously, I loved that Lorna trusted me, had incredible taste, and wanted a luscious, overflowing bridal bouquet, a 40-foot long garland (!!) and florals all throughout the romantic, quaint barn. There wedding was so pretty and many thanks to Jordan for the photos and all the great vendors below!

Photography – Jordan Brittley // Venue – The Barn at Stonevalley Plantation // Floral Design – He Loves Me Flowers // Dress – Simply Elegant // Tux – Men’s Warehouse // Veil – Joy’s Bridal // Shoes – Badgley Mischka // Rings – Kay Jewelers // Invitations – Minted // Caterer – Catering Creations // Cake – AmyCakes // Rentals – Eventful Rentals & Ellee’s Rental Boutique // Vases – Afloral // Wooden Signs – LHCalligraphy // Card Sign – ThePaperWalrus

2016-02-10_00202016-02-10_00032016-02-10_00172016-02-10_00052016-02-10_00012016-02-10_00102016-02-10_00042016-02-10_00162016-02-10_00232016-02-10_00062016-02-10_0026  2016-02-10_0011  2016-02-10_00132016-02-10_00212016-02-10_00142016-02-10_00222016-02-10_00152016-02-10_00022016-02-10_00252016-02-10_00092016-02-10_00192016-02-10_00072016-02-10_00082016-02-10_00122016-02-10_0018

Modern Copper and Fuchsia Wedding Inspiration

February 11, 2016

A wintry Valentine’s day theme, this rich and romantic color scheme features copper tones with warm berry toned pinks and fuchsia. From Abby Mitchell Events, the planning and designing team, “Our inspiration truly came from the color palette. We wanted it to feel current but traditional, minimalistic but glamorous and just overall very pretty and feminine.”

For the florals, I was very strategic in choosing items that were romantic, elegant and timeless, but with fun and unexpected elements. The floral selection ranged from garden roses, ranunculus, stock, dianthus, berries and lots of rich green foliage. The organic style gave it that fun, relaxed twist.  As seen on The Perfect Palette!

Kudos to the vendor team!
Photography: Kellie Michelle Photography  // Planning/Design: Abby Mitchell Events // Venue: The Old Glass Place // Floral Design: He Loves Me Flowers // Rentals: Eventful Rental, Ellee’s Rental Boutique, SB Bon // Linens: Elegant Touch Linens // Cake: Charity Fent Cake Design // Makeup & Hair: Honey and Hive Salon // Bridal Gown: Ella Weiss Wedding Design

View More: http://kelliemichelle.pass.us/abbymitchellwintershootView More: http://kelliemichelle.pass.us/abbymitchellwintershootView More: http://kelliemichelle.pass.us/abbymitchellwintershootView More: http://kelliemichelle.pass.us/abbymitchellwintershootView More: http://kelliemichelle.pass.us/abbymitchellwintershootView More: http://kelliemichelle.pass.us/abbymitchellwintershootView More: http://kelliemichelle.pass.us/abbymitchellwintershootView More: http://kelliemichelle.pass.us/abbymitchellwintershootView More: http://kelliemichelle.pass.us/abbymitchellwintershootView More: http://kelliemichelle.pass.us/abbymitchellwintershootView More: http://kelliemichelle.pass.us/abbymitchellwintershootView More: http://kelliemichelle.pass.us/abbymitchellwintershootView More: http://kelliemichelle.pass.us/abbymitchellwintershootView More: http://kelliemichelle.pass.us/abbymitchellwintershoot

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Real Wedding: Travis & Amanda

February 1, 2016

Inspired by blue and white willow-pattern and lots of greenery, Travis & Amanda’s brunch wedding was full of sentimental, charming and fun details (donuts anyone?!?). The florals we selected for their celebration were a mix of white tulips (the bride’s favorite!), ranunculus, blush garden roses, white roses, stock, navy blue privet berries, and lots of foliage. One of my favorite creations that we built for T&A’s wedding was their hanging floral piece which doubled as the focal-point for BOTH the ceremony and reception! It was just lovely and highlighted the couple’s position during both celebrations wonderfully.  Congratulations on your marriage, T&A!

Photography: Katie Day
Venue: Rogers & Baldwin
Coordinating/Planning: Abby Mitchell Events 
Floral Design: He Loves Me Flowers

2016-02-01_00302016-02-01_00022016-02-01_00092016-02-01_00062016-02-01_0001 2016-02-01_00082016-02-01_00072016-02-01_00102016-02-01_00262016-02-01_00292016-02-01_00112016-02-01_0021 2016-02-01_00252016-02-01_00032016-02-01_00042016-02-01_00122016-02-01_00132016-02-01_00142016-02-01_00152016-02-01_0016 2016-02-01_00172016-02-01_00192016-02-01_00182016-02-01_00202016-02-01_00232016-02-01_0022    2016-02-01_00242016-02-01_00052016-02-01_0028  2016-02-01_0027

Icy Winter Blues: A Styled Bridal Session

January 28, 2016

From the team, “The inspiration for this styled shoot came from a desire to provide inspiration for winter brides who were in search of a fresh, lighthearted twist on your typical winter wedding.”

For the florals, we strategically picked fluffy white stock, blush-tinted peonies, along with  navy blue privet berries, grey dusty miller and silver brunia berries to accomplish the frosted, blue-toned feel. We wrapped the stems in a silvery, grey ribbon while keeping the style of the bouquet very organic and natural to compliment the romantic and airy feeling of this stunning winter editorial.

Photography, Stationary, Venue and Makeup by Shea Brianne
Florals by He Loves Me Flowers
Hair Styling by Diamonds and Do’s
Fur Stole and Earrings by Forever 21 
Dress by Allison Parris
Macarons by Elle’s Patisserie

As seen on The Perfect Palette.

2016-01-27_0003 2016-01-27_00082016-01-27_00022016-01-27_00072016-01-27_00262016-01-27_0010  2016-01-27_00112016-01-27_00132016-01-27_00142016-01-27_00302016-01-27_00242016-01-27_00222016-01-27_00322016-01-27_00052016-01-27_00252016-01-27_00292016-01-27_0004    2016-01-27_00092016-01-27_00012016-01-27_00122016-01-27_00062016-01-27_0019        2016-01-27_00282016-01-27_00272016-01-27_00162016-01-27_00172016-01-27_00182016-01-27_00212016-01-27_00152016-01-27_0031

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Chris + Mariah

December 15, 2015

This gorgeous autumn wedding was rich in colors, details and love. We used a mix of garden roses, ranunculi, hydrangeas and deep green foliage. Mariah’s bridal bouquet was one to remember as well — all O’hara garden roses – absolutely stunning! Congratulations Chris + Mariah and thanks for having us a part of your beautiful celebration!

Photography: Meg White Photography
Planning: Events by Social Graces
Venue: Top of the Rock Chapel + Wine Cellar
Floral Design:
He Loves Me Flowers

2015-12-15_0011 2015-12-15_00072015-12-15_00042015-12-15_00132015-12-15_00122015-12-15_0006 2015-12-15_00052015-12-15_00092015-12-15_0010  2015-12-15_0014 2015-12-15_00152015-12-15_00162015-12-15_00172015-12-15_00232015-12-15_0008    2015-12-15_00212015-12-15_0019 2015-12-15_00222015-12-15_00202015-12-15_0018   2015-12-15_00462015-12-15_00352015-12-15_00362015-12-15_0040 2015-12-15_00372015-12-15_0043 2015-12-15_0042  2015-12-15_00382015-12-15_00242015-12-15_00312015-12-15_00332015-12-15_00262015-12-15_00282015-12-15_00272015-12-15_00292015-12-15_00252015-12-15_0030             2015-12-15_0041 2015-12-15_00322015-12-15_0045  2015-12-15_00472015-12-15_0044

Si + Courtney

December 1, 2015

Si and Courtney’s wedding was a lovely combination of rustic and chic details, everything from adorable cowboy boots to rose berry bouquets. Courtney knew what she wanted for her dream wedding and it was a joy to be a part of their special celebration!

Photography by Ziegler Photography
Venue by Integrity Hills
Floral Design by He Loves Me Flowers
Rentals by Eventful Rental

2015-12-03_00142015-12-03_00132015-12-03_00152015-12-03_0012  2015-12-03_00212015-12-03_00062015-12-03_00022015-12-03_00292015-12-03_00162015-12-03_00172015-12-03_0019                 2015-12-03_00182015-12-03_0004  2015-12-03_00302015-12-03_00112015-12-03_00052015-12-03_00072015-12-03_00282015-12-03_00202015-12-03_00082015-12-03_00242015-12-03_00232015-12-03_00252015-12-03_00312015-12-03_00102015-12-03_0009

Christian + Kate

November 25, 2015

We used the most lovely combination of florals for Christian and Kate’s romantic, elegant and cordial celebration. The florals were creamy whites of lush peonies, fragrant garden roses, whimsical ranunculus and fresh eucalyptus with a gentle touch of lavender throughout. We created an exquiste garland weighing approximately 50lbs for the chapel’s 15-foot rugged wooden cross. That garland and the custom seating chart floral garland were a couple of my favorite pieces. Congratulations on your marriage C+K and thanks for choosing He Loves Me Flowers for your special day! ♥

Photos by Whitney Bower
Venue by Top of the Rock
Florals by He Loves Me Flowers
Paper Goods by Monumental Designs

www.whitneybower.comwww.whitneybower.com www.whitneybower.comwww.whitneybower.comwww.whitneybower.comwww.whitneybower.com www.whitneybower.comwww.whitneybower.comwww.whitneybower.comwww.whitneybower.comwww.whitneybower.comwww.whitneybower.comwww.whitneybower.com   www.whitneybower.comwww.whitneybower.com   www.whitneybower.com www.whitneybower.comwww.whitneybower.com    www.whitneybower.com

JB 1:1 Workshop // Celebrating Marriage

November 11, 2015

Dreamy, romantic and devotion are the words that describe this editorial project from Jordan Brittley’s 1:1 Workshop. This editorial’s focus was to celebrate marriage and be inspired to embrace the special person God gave you.  We chose romantic, elegant and organic ingredients including garden roses, giant protea, spray roses, snapdragons, scabiosa, copper beach, amaranthus and more to create a bouquet that would compliment the autumn season beautifully. And how about a fresh floral dog leash!?!  I was delighted to design the florals for this project and be a part of an excellent vendor team (below). As seen on Style Me Pretty.

Photography by Jordan Brittley
Floral Design by He Loves Me Flowers
Fashion Stylist by Larissa of Dresspresh
Hair Stylist by Bri of Diamonds and Dos
Makeup Stylist by Nikki Smith Makeup
Paper Goods by Duncan Park Papers
Venue by Bolivar Golf Club



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Nathan + Brittany

November 9, 2015

If anyone loves details, it’s sweet Brittany. She was so attentive to every detail and wanted to make sure her guests felt welcomed, loved, and appreciated at her beautiful vintage, elegant celebration. Everything from fresh floral garlands, foliage capped lanterns, sprinkled rose petals, lush centerpieces and romantic bouquets — Brittany wanted floral adornments throughout the crisp, pristine chapel and reception gathering. And how about that romantic sweetheart table?!?

Thanks to J Design Studios for sharing the lovely photos.
Venue by Heritage Chapel in Willard.
All paper goods calligraphed by TaborMade by Jade Sue.
All custom florals by He Loves Me Flowers.

2015-11-10_00042015-11-09_00192015-11-09_00042015-11-09_00182015-11-10_0001 2015-11-09_00082015-11-10_00052015-11-09_0007 2015-11-10_0007 2015-11-09_00012015-11-09_00092015-11-09_00022015-11-10_00082015-11-10_0009           2015-11-09_00142015-11-09_0012

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